Osteopathic Consultation inc. Treatment (45-60mins) - £45
Osteopathic Treatment (30-45mins) - £30
Re-examination (1 year since prev. treatment, 30-45mins) - £40
Home visit - £60*
Treatment/Rahabilitation Packages Availible - Downloadable Below

Taping/Dry Needling

Sample application during treatment (if required) - Free
Dry Needling (during treatment) - £10
Kinesiology/Sports Taping Session inc. tape - £15 per application
Kinesiology/Sports Taping Session (Tape Provided) - £12 per application

Personal Kinesiology/Sports Tape Roll for above - POA

Traditional/Sports Massage

30mins - £25
60mins - £40

Cancellation Fee's

Less than 24hrs notice
Consultation - £25
Treatment - £15
Occurs on more than 2 occasions - Full Fee

Do please remember that early warning of a cancellation allows us to see other patients who are in pain and may be in need of urgent treatment.

*By arrangement only, Cancellation less than 24hrs notice - Full Fee

Please note that all fees are payable at the time of treatment and it is our policy for you as the patient to recover the cost of fees from you insurers direct. Photocopy of notes/Accident Report - £25

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